With a total area of ​​1.6 acres and conveniently located near Tan Son Nhat airport. Saigon Airport Plaza project is divided into four main groups: apartments, offices, hotels and shopping areas get water park centered music.


The type of service model 24/7 for offices, hotels, apartments … to bring more attraction and more diversified business model.

The project was approved in connection with Shutle airport shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport and hotel service procedures at air. Target customer audience from the Tan Son Nhat airport, the transit passengers, the passenger delays, cancellations, catering services for the crew, including pilots, flight attendants, carefully technician, delivery companies, … but now the area around their inability to serve on the objects.


The tower will be equipped, connected, convenient transportation, and provide flexible services to provide high efficiency in economic terms.

Saigon Airport Plaza with the goal of the first point of Tan Binh area at critical intersections – International Airport Tan Son Nhat will have a nice design, gadgets with diversified services, outstanding facilities reserved for high-end customers. Requirements set out the customer satisfaction is not only aesthetically but also bring long-term economic benefits.


Customers will not need to spend a lot of time to go to Saigon center which can still enjoy luxury living environment, convenience of bringing the project. With exclusive location close to Tan Son Nhat airport after investment project will be the highlight of the economic trade gateway in the country.


Located right next to the International Airport Tan Son Nhat, strategic gateway for the city’s high-end complexes Saigon Airport Plaza has one of the prime locations in most of the country. Besides, Saigon Airport Plaza is connected to Highway Saigon – Tan Son Nhat – Binh Loi transportation hub gateway to other provinces. Moreover, the project also benefits inherited from the surrounding environment such as parks Gia Dinh, Hoang Van Thu Park Golf and Tan Son Nhat airport.


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